This year, I will support 100 women get exactly what they want in a very specific area of their life. It’s a very specific area, and yet it impacts just about every other part of their existence.

Weight Loss.

I actually hate the term, but let’s face it, thats what everyone starts out looking for. A decrease to the numbers on the scale. It’s the agreed measure of success or failure when making any effort, and the killer or booster of motivation on any given day you find yourself standing on the scales.

It’s also no measure whatsoever of how well you are doing, how much effort you have put in or how successful you are ultimately going to be, but still, you jump on, ever hopeful. It’s what the slimming groups have promoted for years. The same slimming groups you keep having to go back to.

Well, I want to offer you a new way. Starting today. But only if you are past the slimming group mentality. You are not cattle, you are an individual and it’s time you treated yourself like one. (And I really mean treat yourself, but we will get back to that later). And it matters if your body shape and health matter to you.

Usually, by the time someone reaches my website, they have tried (in their own words) everything there is for weight loss. Slimming groups, low fat diet, low carb diet, the 5-2, starvation……. and they are thoroughly disheartened with the yoyo effect on their weight, usually landing up with more weight than they started with and convinced that nothing works for them. Self esteem has taken a battering, confidence is thoroughly dented and it seems like a never ending, and never to be won battle.

So how come these weight loss solutions seem to work for so many, but not you? Why are the results, if any, so short lived?

The answer is complex. Firstly, there are false successes. The quick fix eat very little for as long as you result, that can shift a few pounds relatively quickly. But starvation doesn’t work for anyone. Your body will adapt to that method of ‘weight loss’, out of need and it will begin to store all the fat it can for your bodies survival – and we all know how that ends, more fat than you started with, hormones (and moods) all over the place, and the unavoidable self doubt of not being able to ‘keep it up’. The reality is you must consume enough calories for all your energy needs to avoid this reaction, but less than what is currently maintaining (or increasing) your overweight. Also known as a calorie deficit.

Thats absolutely what these plans are, a suggested lifestyle method, which has been found to facilitate weight loss, by guiding you into a calorie deficit, one way or another. They do work while you maintain ‘the plan’ or ‘way’ set out, but they are so far removed from your normal or involve so much more effort to keep up, that the effort soon outweighs your motivation. This causes you to take yourself ‘off plan’, go all the way back to your original eating and exercise behaviours, and all the way back to the weight you were. With it come all the feelings of failure not hitting your goal brings, and the comparison to those who get better results. But those who find the longest success on the same plan? That plan fitted them more. Whether the fit was because it was close to their normal way of doing things, or they were happy to fully adopt the new way doesn’t matter so much as it matters that herein lies the key to your success. Permanent success.

Body by Design was created after 12 years of working with weight loss clients. It’s not a system of telling you what you should eat, providing a list of ‘eat only these foods’ or recipes and how many times a week you should move, Its a system of finding your ideals. Its a system that trains YOU on how YOU work, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The unique combination of Hypnotherapy (AND personal, designed for you hypnosis audios) ongoing coaching, and the guidance system that is Body by Design, it is the very last 6 months you will spend on weight loss. Weight loss and health is a mindset, a buildable one as soon as you are ready to let go of the old one that isnt working.

  • We will tweak what you eat, until it works for you. You will never diet again, theres no need! 
  • You will know exactly what causes you to go overweight, but more importantly, what works for you not to.
  • Emotional eating? we will collapse the triggers for that!
  • No more cravings.
  • Actually love your body AND how it looks!
  • Your confidence and self esteem restored! Better than before!

Make no mistake, this success and support is not for everyone. This is not a ‘done for you, or to you’ system. You will be required to engage with the content, and my support. Only your full involvement in anything determines your results. Change takes consistently choosing a new way, I will provide the tools and support to do that, but only you can follow them through. Do so and you WILL succeed – permanently. You can have gorgeous, deliberate results, but you have make deliberate effort – treat yourself like you are worth it – and oh, you are so worth it. I’ll prove it to you.

There is a private coaching library included, like this example,as well as daily voxer support – this is invaluable!

One of the biggest roadblocks to body goals is your old mindset – your own, old thoughts and patterns talking you out of your plans – there is a reason for this and you need to learn it to stop being sabotaged by it. You’ll be in direct touch with me via voxer (a private voice app) daily for exactly this.

You will be so confident that your friends will be asking YOU for advice.

Are you one of my 100? Lets get started today and love your summer body – Its there for you, just waiting on you learning it. Payment plans available.