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Are you sick of struggling with your weight? Never seeing a long term difference or even getting to your goal in the first place?

Chances are, you have spent so long in the diet and slimming group world, you have been left without a few key ingredients for the body you want, the main culprits being knowing what to do, the confidence to do it, and the right support to maintain these things.

My body by Design package provides all of these things and much MUCH more!

It’s my plan to get everyone out of that cycle forever! FOREVER

You already know the diets dont work, and even the best thought out eating plans alone are only helpful while you are ‘doing’ them. There is no one solution, and if one thing worked for everyone? there wouldnt be so many ‘off the shelf’ programmes, meetings and apps. it’s true that everything will work for some people, some of the time, but if you want anything to work for YOU permanently, then the programme must be wholly based on YOU, and thats exactly what Body by Design is.

This is SIX months of full personalised support – not selling you into a plan that you need to keep up. At the end of the six months, you will be naturally taking care of your weight!

Most weight loss programs are designed to get you a fast result – thats just to convince you it works, but its not sustainable and thats how you got into the cycle of yoyo results. Its also so that you will blame yourself when you cant keep the weight off! 

Not only is Body by Design available as a personal service, if you are short on time, we also offer an online version! All the same benefits, no fixed appointments.
So whats included in the Body by Design package?

*Personalised Hypnotherapy Sessions (In person course only)
Coaching sessions via streaming
Body By design Journal
Weekly review and Planning
Personal hypnosis library of audios made exclusively for you (worth £200 – these are MAGICAL)
Membership to Body by Design Facebook Community
Access to Liz’s trainings and resources
Email, Text and Audio support for the entire course duration
Full Package – £497 Online Package – £295 ***Do NOT let the price put you off, this is the most support anywhere, and there are no further product costs. Payment plans are available. Commit to this, and it will be the LAST time you ever suffer from your weight!