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It truly is life changing stuff! But not just for me, its reflecting on my loved ones in the most beautiful way! I have learned there was never anything wrong with me, just behaviours and beliefs I had picked up along the way – and you showed us how to take charge of that,  our own emotions and how to get rid of the limiting beliefs/behaviours, allowing me to love myself and my life – I am truly eternally grateful!


Welcome to Enjoy Confidence. Here, you will find me, Liz – Therapist, coach and author providing you the support and tools required for complete anxiety relief, emotional balance and mastery, mental clarity and strength and most importantly, self awareness and understanding. It is my pleasure to provide this in many accessable ways to suit you, through my affordable membership, private coaching, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions and personal mentoring. Sessions are available in person in Edinburgh and the Lothians and online.

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Liz is a teacher, a coach, a guide, a confidant, a translator, a magician, and an example of how to be genuinely, authentically YOU. The journey is full of twists and turns, valleys and peaks….. but is ultimately liberating, fulfilling and happy.


Liz’s mentoring has given me an unshakable and true confidence that is way beyond what I could have expected. Not only is she a powerhouse of knowledge, she really does want us all to succeed.


Reprogramming you so that you can lose the limits you have invented for yourself (You wont even realise you have them to begin with)