Hypnotherapy is a natural and very effective technique for accessing our subconscious mind and making changes that we choose and would greatly benefit us. Our behaviours, habits, attitudes and general ways of being day to day are directed from our subconscious mind, and often when we find that we cant make a change easily, or consistently, its because our subconscious is still programmed to the ‘old’ way.

This can cause us to feel strongly stuck – especially when our subconscious has adopted what it sees as the safest way to be – for instance – it can feel almost impossible to overcome anxiety and the strong physical reactions that arise with it – this is because we have developed unconscious mechanisms that are triggered by anxiety and that then need to be addressed just as much as the conscious process awareness

Our unconscious is not responsive to reality as it is, it is constantly filtering reality through your own personal perspective, and then responding to that – which is made up of your personal experience, beliefs and attitudes. You are an individual, and how you process information is also entirely individual to you. This can be a problem when we have reactions and behaviours which may at one time have served us well, but now, isn’t functional – it can be true for instance that you were once bitten by a dog, but its not ideal that your body strongly reacts to every dog now because of that. This can then impact your day to day life as you feel intense fear at just the the thought of, or the appearance of the thing you fear.

We can have what also seems like nonsensical fears – but to the unconscious mind, they make perfect, safe sense. Many times, someone will sabotage their weight loss attempts yet have no conscious awareness as to why – and through hypnotherapy find out they are, on some level, worried about losing friends who may feel jealous of their success. This can seem relatively unimportant to the conscious mind, but to the subconscious, can feel like potential for abandonment – something that threatens survival and therefore to be avoided.

During any kind of intense or seemingly important event in life, your brain retains what it thinks is the most important information about that event and stores this as data in your subconscious- negative feelings in particular create strong ‘settings’ which then determine your beliefs and behaviours from then on. Your mind will then protect those beliefs in an effort to keep you safe – like slamming a trapdoor shut with your subconscious, and its current settings behind it. This is why change can seem so hard. Your mind has deemed a setting important to your survival and so determines that it matters more than what it is you are aiming for. Hypnotherapy allows us into the subconscious to reinform and reset those settings.

Hypnotherapy sessions are provided either at home or online. How many sessions you require depends on the subject and your personal circumstances. Packages are available – please discuss with Liz. Sessions are £100 (£75 for children under 16 – a parent must be present for the entire session) Sessions are effective for :

Weight loss
Sleeping problems
Self esteem
Public speaking
Negative thinking
& many others

I have practiced and continued to study hypnotherapy and the many techniques and modalities within the field for almost 16 years now. It is my pleasure to show clients the power they hold in their mind, and how to utilise it for their benefit. Hypnotherapy is not though, a magic bullet. It cannot change for you what you are unwilling to do the work on. It is for that reason you must be aware of your attitude to your issue, and be willing to update that as required in addition to attending sessions.

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