Welcome Colourists!

What a gorgeous project this is, and one I have thoroughly enjoyed! One of the benefits of having children is having art materials around everywhere and luckily, all 3 of mine enjoy drawing, designing and colouring.

There are so many benefits to being a colourist – Carl Jung (One of the most famous and successful psychologists in the world) Used to prescribe colouring to his patients as a therapy, it gives your mind a chance to rest and enjoy the beautiful colours and the satisfaction of creating.

I have designed the Hypnotic Colouring meditations for use with all colouring books and in fact all art!  Now you can extend the positive effects of colouring in a specific, chosen way.  Just like closed eye meditations, suggestions are given over beautiful calming music, intertwining with the visual vibrancy of your colours, guiding your subconscious mind gently, creating positive, uplifting results effortlessly. Which ones will you choose?

Hypnotic colouring – 40 beautiful colouring pages. £5.99


Hypnotic Colouring Mandalas – 40 beautiful mandala designs. £5.99