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Welcome to an entirely unique space, one designed for, and devoted to you – and us. I have created this space intentionally as somewhere to learn and grow, to build confidence, increase self esteem, learn emotional intelligence and balance – and all in a space that is judgement free, and while you feel fully accepted, by us and more importantly – Yourself.  If you feel anything less than your best and happy with ‘your lot’ in life, then this is exactly what you have been looking for all along, because it’s where you will become your truest ‘You’, where you will find your answers, and where every single part of you is fully accepted – unconditionally – even the parts that you yourself hide away.

This space is defined as a ‘Circle’ deliberately.  I have been a therapist for 14 years, but i’ve been a human even longer.  I believe in your soul as much as your mind, your energy as much as your body, and everything brought to and available in the Circle is designed to be of benefit to ALL of you. Your inner world is ultimately what determines your outer world, and its made up of so many aspects and energies, it matters that we take into account all of you, this is not a space purely for mindset, it is So. Much. More.  This is emotional intelligence, communication, building mental strength, building you. 

This group amazing, it has helped me to open my eyes and work on myself in ways I didn’t realise or understand how to. I have found the confidence I lost years ago – have learnt to love myself again and realise my own worth- and it feels awesome!



It’s easy to build confidence when you are in the right environment – and thats exactly what I offer you in The Circle. The funny thing is, if you would benefit from The Circle – theres a good chance that you will be a bit fearful of joining as you read this – but your fear is a liar. I promise, no matter how true it manages to sound. Theres an ENTIRE course on this alone in the Circle! and while you are running from that fear, things like anxiety, comparison, judgement, worry, feeling alone and unsupported can seem normal – but they dont HAVE to be. Fear by its nature, is an isolator – it will literally keep you from getting the support you need with swampy thoughts like “this isnt for me” and “they wont like me if I join” and other general “I cant” thoughts. The first thing you have to do to release fear is choose out of it. Nothing will change until you do. You will feel completely supported to do so in here. A natural side effect of being in the group and having access to the courses is a continued increase to your self esteem, and self awareness.

This membership has helped me get out of my own way. Its helped me ditch anxiety and scrap victim mode. The best part for me by far is knowing that the program my head was running on before is gone, and my new, better program is being filtered down to the next generation – my kids!



Before I was anxious, depressed, constantly thought I was useless and not enough. This membership has taught me that all my emotions and feelings are valid- My confidence has improved massively and I feel like a much better version of myself than a few month ago



The courses in the Circle are second to none, and literally my pride and joy. Dont let the low cost of the membership make you think they are surface level personal development, or soundbites that tell you to think positively – these courses are transformative, deeply insightful and hugely informative. Each one alone is worth over £499 – but I know how difficult it already is to give yourself what you need when you haven’t developed the mindset for it yet, so i’ve priced the membership at an introductory price to make it easy. These courses and the conversations we have in the group are real therapy grade – they are the result of listening to clients needs, constant continued professional development, my own personal and professional experiences of being a mum, therapist, business owner, creator, volunteer, life liver and challenge overcomer. I became a therapist because I suffered from anxiety, and my own mental health challenges – I have lived the stuff I teach, this real life – not book learnt.


You will be able to tell  this is a truly unique space, once you’ve settled in –  I can promise that you will never have felt more completely accepted – something you have to actually experience to really understand. I am fully me in here, no more but certainly no less either (for instance, its not for you if you don’t like swearing, sorry, not sorry) I couldn’t possibly teach on being yourself if I was anything other than exactly me, and thats exactly why you’ll feel able to be completely you! 


You don’t even have to fully join in to begin with. Its always horrible being the newbie, I know 🙂 but it won’t last long – dive into the courses and audio’s, and you’ll soon feel ready to step fully in. You can do the courses directly on the membership site, and dip into the Facebook group whenever and as much or as little as you like. 

Some of the courses available –  


self esteem course
emotional inteligence course
anxiety online course

This is easily my favourite thing I have ever created. I created the very place I wished existed and nothing is out of bounds. Want to improve your relationships? Done. Want to talk about energies, the universe and real life manifesting? Need to finally and fully address the underlying anxiety you manage to pretty much hide? Yep, we will be going there as well. You are a whole, entire being, mad quirks and all – and in my universe, you will be treated as such. I don’t fear your darkness – I want to show you the gold you have hidden in there,  I don’t need you to be ‘nice’ and I am the true embodiment of ‘judgement free’. 

Here are just some of the comments members have made about the trainings, lives and conversations that go on in the group – and remember, most importantly, this is all available to you. 

Member benefits –

  • All courses included
  • Facebook group
  • Hosted weekly zoom Meetings
  • Discounted hypnotherapy and coaching sessions
  • Resource library – Journals/ hypnosis & coaching audios
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • Regular bookclub
  • My support! 

Trainings on –

  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Emotional intelligence
  • How to build confidence
  • Self talk
  • Anxiety
  • Mindset and beliefs
  • Relationships
  • Conflict and resilience & much more!
self esteem course

This is the support and learning that underpins your entire life. It is emotional intelligence, mental health and fitness, building resillience. This will benefit your relationships, communication, how you feel, how you see yourself, what you attract in life, and what you will and will not accept from others. Theres so much more I could say, but it only comes down to whether you will give yourself this support or not. Ive been doing this a long time, and not only do I know how to transform your thinking, I also know the millions of ways that will transform your life. How you feel about yourself, how you look and how other people treat you are just side effects of having the right tools and qualified support. You are not stuck with anything, even your own thinking.

It’s easy to stay stuck, whether thats with anxiety, being unhappy with your weight or just feeling unappreciated – and and theres no shame in it at all (even when it feels like there should be) – but there’s also no point hanging around there when all this is available either (and also, i’ll be removing that shame as we go along as well – for good) 

Join us and begin to develop your mental and emotional fitness to benefit every part of your life. It IS ok to not be ok – but it is NOT your only option! Nothing changes until you do, and you can do it here, supported, with others who want the same. We would love to have you! 

It’s my safe space, its where I know I wont be judged and can absolutely wave my weirdo flag and know Im a good human, no matter how I feel inside



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*Billing on a monthly cycle, £50 per month. You can cancel at any time. No refunds will be given for portions of any month after cancellation. You will retain full months access for each payment.