Inner Circle Membership

I have created a space for you. The real you. And its different from every other space you’ve ever been in.

Truly? most people are living in the space of fear, and it holds them back in every area of life. Fear of what people will think of them, Fear of not being enough, of not having enough, fear of looking stupid, being disliked, judged, rejected. So much so, that it now just feels like the norm, and is just accepted as the way it is! But stress, and worry, social media comparison and believing that life is passing by is NOT how to live life, and accepting it is why anxiety is as common as it is now.

But there’s a much better way.

And it’s avalable to you right now.

It’s my safe space, its where I know I wont be judged and can absolutely wave my weirdo flag and know Im a good human, no matter how I feel inside.

Zoe, Photographer

Emotional and Mental fitness. It’s the new way. For a happy future, its the ONLY way. It has only recently become somewhat normal to discuss mental health at all – and even then, usually only when it’s become a problem.  Nearly all focus is on just ‘coping’ with how we feel when really, thats just like leaving a tooth cavity rotting and untreated. As a therapist for now 12 years, most of my private clients waited until they couldn’t put up with the pain of how they felt any longer, No longer wanting to wallow or feel unworthy, not good enough, anxious and just unhappy. Im glad they finally did something, and so are they – but there is no much more we can do before we need help at all.

This group amazing, it has helped me to open my eyes and work on myself in ways I didn’t realise or understand how to. I have found the confidence I lost years ago – have learnt to love myself again and realise my own worth- and it feels awesome!


I know what makes the difference between surviving and thriving, and I put it all into online available trainings. It all comes down to changing what you think, mastering your emotions and ultimately, how YOU treat YOU – Once you know this stuff, you become the biggest influence in your own life. You need to be in a different conversation from the doom and gloom found everywhere and coupled with a closed  facebook group, where I have the therapy grade conversations about shame, speaking your truth, self care (the REAL kind) translating people around you, perspectives, judgement, comparison, stress …….. – all of it! transforming how you feel is now at your fingertips, and available whenever and wherever you are. Its like having a digital therapist!

Before I was anxious, depressed, constantly thought I was useless and not enough. This membership has taught me that all my emotions and feelings are valid- My confidence has improved massively and I feel like a much better version of myself than a few month ago.

Amy, Member.

And it’s all about you.  You get to be as involved, or as reserved as you like, and with access to my online courses, hypnotherapy audio’s, meditations and journals, there is something for every kind of mood you could find yourself in. Let your anxiety soak away while listening to a coaching audio in the bath. Go for a walk while listening to the confidence series. Watch your negativity melt with each minute spent here, and your self worth soar.

This membership has helped me get out of my own way. Its helped me ditch anxiety and scrap victim mode. The best part for me by far is knowing that the program my head was running on before is gone, and my new, better program is being filtered down to the next generation – my kids!

Kelly, Actress
Courses are available on demand

Download coaching audio’s to your device and listen whenever you like or switch between full hypnotherapy tracks and quicker meditations to suit you – You will have access to the entire library. And its an ever increasing one at that, with audio’s and training added almost weekly.

Untangle Anxiety Journal and Hypnosis Audio
Digital Journal pages are provided with each course, print out or use as reference material.

Im live in the group every week, multiple times – talking about

  • Setting Boundaries
  • Authentic Confidence
  • Unshakable Self Esteem 
  • Looking after your nervous system
  • Real Manifesting…….. and much more! 

As well as livestreaming to answer your questions often, I show you my own mindset practices and the stuff that REALLY works! I’ll be available and providing useful therapy ‘stuff’ like live EFT sessions, breathing techniques and NLP practices- you cannot fail to feel great, and whole, and worthy!

I don’t have enough words to describe what this membership has done for me! Liz, you are awesome, you untangle everything in my head with ease, ad not only that, you’ve taught me how to untangle some of it on my own. It’s the knowing that I can handle everything because I understand it more now.

Lives are frequent

It’s easy to get stuck, whether thats with anxiety, being unhappy with your weight or just feeling unappreciated –  and theres no shame in it at all (even when it feels like there should be) – but there’s also no point hanging around there when all this is available either (and also, i’ll be removing that shame as we go along as well – for good)  

Maybe you just don’t know where to start? Thats where I come in! Send me a message in the group! Not only will I guide you through the content, I will also likely create what you need if it isn’t already available 🙂 

Ive been doing this a long time, and not only do I know how to transform your thinking, I also know the millions of ways that will transform your life. How you feel about yourself, how you look and how other people treat you are just side effects of having the right tools and qualified support. You are not stuck with anything, even your own thinking. 

So who is this group for? Its for you. Its that simple. If you’ve got stuff you want to be rid of like anxiety, feeling low a lot of the time, weight issues and any feeling of ‘less than enough  ANYWHERE in your life, its for you. It’s also for you who is looking to create comfortable and real confidence, self worth, total motivation and KNOWING you are already more than enough. This is the biggest thing I have ever created, and nothing is out of bounds. Want to improve your relationships? Done. Want to talk about energies, the universe and real life manifesting? Yep, we will be going there as well. You are a whole, entire being, mad quirks and all – and in my universe, you will be treated as such.
The Original Vision!

Join Now. There are already courses and trainings waiting for you – it will set your foundation and ensure everything you do after it, will work for you.  This a beginning, I want to make sure its the best one it can be.                   

*Billing on a monthly cycle, £30 per month. You can cancel at any time. No refunds will be given for portions of any month after cancellation. You will retain full months access for each payment.