I’m Liz, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Coach, Creator, Mum, businesswoman and a million other things. Welcome to my world, where you are, very welcome.  

At the end of 2006, when my kids were very young, out of the blue and with no obvious warning, I began to suffer from anxiety. Severely. I struggled to get to sleep, then I would wake up every morning and immediately start worrying, about the kids, their health, the future and the day ahead. My body felt tense and uncomfortable – I would endure migraines weekly and I even developed stomach issues from the constant stress. I dreaded being around too many people, was snappy with the kids, and kept myself at home as much as possible, all of that just making me feel even worse. I had always been full of confidence, so it didn’t really make sense to feel this way.  I decided I had to get help at the beginning of 2007, and visited my GP – lovely as she was, all she could offer was a bottle of tablets and to sign me off work for a while.  I didn’t take either.

Instead I looked for a permanent solution that didn’t involve pills, I began to read books on anxiety, worrying and mindset.  I researched different solutions and was particularly drawn to hypnotherapy and NLP because of its natural methods, how much faster it seemed than other treatments and because it was something you were taught, not just a ‘done to me’ thing.  I have always been fascinated with words and the difference they can make both spoken and written so was absolutely smitten to learn everything I could, which led me to studying both at the Motivation Institute, becoming qualified in August 2007.


This was where I found my path – not only did I become free from feeling anxious and worried, I was learning the tools and techniques  that are used successfully for many other things, like confidence, phobias and weight loss. Our minds and the perspectives held in them are the root of all we do, and it matters that we know how to master them. 

I have happily continued my professional development since qualifying – I couldn’t  count how many books I have read on every related subject from psychology, self help, mind mapping, business and learning.  I am a true book geek, to the point of now writing a few of my own – even 2 colouring books, although they don’t really qualify as ‘written’. I have taken many further study courses and become further qualified in specific treatments including Parts Therapy, EMDR and Hypnoband.  In 2020 I went even further (one of the benefits of a pandemic – travel time saved!) to study consciousness, accessing our genius and energy.  I know that mindset and energy is at the core of every life, whether its created by default or deliberately chosen, whats in there will determine everything for you.

Full disclosure. I dont believe in positive psychology on its own.  Or in the current trendy promotion of “Be Kind” because I dont think either go (anywhere near!) far enough. 

If I had to describe myself in 3 words, they would be encouraging, honest and rebellious. I have never, ever been one to follow the crowd and I never will be.  I believe that every single person has value, exactly as they are, even if they don’t feel like it just now.  I believe a sense of humour is hugely important, and that taking full responsibility for your life gives the greatest happiness.  I believe you CAN enjoy confidence, from anxiety, weight loss, any fears you may currently have and regardless of how you feel now,  I believe you can (and must)  create yourself, that you are not stuck with any habit or way of thinking that doesn’t serve you – you  just have to be willing to improve it – and I’m here to help.