New Year Therapy

Coming Back Home To You

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Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed regularly? Does it feel like you just cant relax or switch off as much as you would like to? Maybe it’s been going on for a while and you find yourself feeling tense, disconnected and not able to enjoy things (despite really trying) with a vague (or larger) feeling that something, or everything is about to go wrong.

image of a worried woman

It’s time to come back to thriving – and the ability to do so is within you right now.

Thriving is our natural state. Thats why we dislike it so much the further away from it we feel. The problem is, it’s currently widely accepted that we are so ‘busy’ or overwhelmed that thats just how it is.

I’m here to tell you that being busy isnt the problem.

Not giving attention to your natural systems is, and I want to teach you how to tune back in.

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Your nervous system, is your core, and it’s there to support you. Made up of the sympathetic system, and the parasympathetic system, both sides ideally work seemlessly to provide hormones and chemicals for energy when required, and hormones and chemicals for rest and replenishment when required. Both are required for a healthy body and mind – but we can find ourselves stuck in one, causing dysregulation and when the system is dysregulated, you can feel any combination and strength of anxious, on edge and unsafe. Physically, you may experience tension, stomach pain or discomfort, headaches, and even constant tiredness. If that dysregulation continues, stomach problems can intensify, creating digestion issues, emotionl eating, weight problems and pain. Headaches can become regular and debilitating. Over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system even shuts down access to parts of the brain – which is why we cant think so clearly while in stress.

worry doubt image of womans face

It matters that we take the time to balance these systems. The effects of not doing so cannot be ignored, and your health deserves to be (and in all honesty, needs to be) cared for.

The good news, is that it’s not difficult. But it does take commited practice, and I have created a space for doing exactly that for the whole of January, and the benefits will be huge.