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Are you finally ready to end your weight struggles? Then this is the course for you. While most other courses are designed to convince you that their ‘thing’ is the thing for you, Body by design is a course on YOU and what YOU need for permanent success.

We are all unique and so are our needs. Traditional slimming groups work on the symptom – i.e., what you eat – but WHY do you eat the way you do? and how can you tweak it to suit both what you like AND your body goals? Why do you feel sometimes unable to stay on track and why do you sabotage all your efforts after a while? Your answers AND your solutions are unique to you, and ill show you how to find them.

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Over 100 days, I’ll be training you on real motivation, how to figure out what works best for you, and how to make it all easy on a conscious AND subconscious level.

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Lets finally obliterate being unhappy with your body – Its easier than youve been led to believe!