I am asked this at least 3 times a week, and I get it, I really do – from your point of view, you just want the solution to your weight issues! The one thing thats going to cause the lbs to start dropping off, the one set of instructions that you just have to follow, and follow them to the letter you will! because this time you are determined and want all the way out of this perpetual nightmare. Years passing and nothing much changing, never getting to that slim figure – even after you went all in with the slimming group and saw a few inches go, just to, well, you’re not sure whats happened, but those inches are back now. You tried the 5:2 and got the same result. Raspberry ketones. Juice plus………..

Still, everywhere you look, someone else is pushing their THING at you. Pills, powders, teas, and they all sound so fantastic! FAST! Easy, Effortless even. The problem is, you already know that half of them are a fad, and will be gone by the end of summer, never to be seen again, and the other half just sound like everything else you have tried before, to less than impressive, and definitely temporary results.

So now you think it must be you. or your lack of willpower at least, which is likely what got you here, considering Hypnotherapy and coaching.

But theres more than one choice here again, and those choices are fairly distinct from each other – from individual one off sessions to a 10 week walking course, or a full 6 month private 1-2-1 therapy/ coaching package. Why so different? and more importantly – Which one works?

Photo of products available Liz Stewart
4 of the 5 options Liz offers for Weight Loss (*Please note, prices shown are 2017 prices and are no longer valid)

Short answer – they all do. And Brilliantly. AND! All for the same reason – and it’s the very thing missing from just about all other weight loss options (It’s not even a secret or a trick!)

Each option works, because each one is designed to respond to individual needs, your very own specific needs. These are not rule based systems with lists of good and bad foods or recipes that no one else in your family will want to eat. Common sense dictates that plans which have been designed around what other people have found to work only 100% work and fit in for those very people, thats why everyone else finds them impossible to stay on long term. Thats why the results don’t stick afterwards.

All my options are answers to the very issues that you have.

Walk off Weight is predominantly for good health and great confidence – if you feel embarrassed about moving your body, and therefore unable to improve your fitness or health, this is the course for you. I come to you and actually do the walking with you, while coaching you. Personal hypnotherapy audios are created for just you to really shift how you feel. Walking isn’t just good for burning calories, it tones your whole body, and does wonders for your state of mind – just google the benefits of walking – there are honestly far too many to list here!

Body by Design is the very end of your weight loss journey. Only when we stop borrowing from what works for someone else, and learn our own ideals will we see the success we are looking for – Body by Design is a complete study of you and everything you need to master your body and shape. You see, everything works for you – while you are doing it, so to me it makes sense to tweak what you are already doing, make only the changes needed rather than try and take on a completely new ‘way’. You have an ideal eating style, one that allows you to both enjoy food and how your body looks – we find exactly what that looks like for you. It will include your favourite foods, and there is no need to cut anything out completely. Like everyone else who has ever been a ‘slimmer’ you will have picked up ‘diet’ mindsets you think you have to live by that are not only absolute nonsense, they utterly sabotage any efforts you do make! We will rewire your thinking to an absolute healthy mindset – the same mindset everyone happy with their body and weight has. Emotional or disordered eating is addressed with personal therapy – as well as any body, self esteem and confidence issues. BBD a six month course on becoming your healthiest, best you, not just a thinner version.

It’s really not for everyone though, and not because it ‘wont work’ for everyone -(because it could) but because not everyone will do ‘the work’ (and by work I mean listening to your body and what it really needs, understanding your cycles and a willingness to change your mindset to one of success and ease)

Body by Design absolutely can be the last weight loss ‘thing’ you need. Walk off Weight can skyrocket your confidence and motivation. Individual sessions can remove bad habits or improve motivation. All options are personalised and tailored to you, because you are the main ingredient, always 🙂 see full details of all options (including online BBD) Here